Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blue Chip Imaging's Life Goal

“Our main objective is to give back to our community having embraced the family premise that “it takes a whole village”.   However, our ultimate goal is to help student athletes become conspicuous in order to gain entry in the recruiting process of elite schools and colleges.  Although, our focus will be to provide exceptional services through marketing and recruiting, the primary emphasis will be academic excellence.  The idea is to equip student athletes with enough tools to be able to function in this ever changing society.  Through this process hopefully, they will be able to attain their dreams and expand their body, mind and soul in a positive way.  Perhaps, that is why I encourage my son, Amir, who is one of my partners, to realize the importance of character and integrity.  Believe me; we care enough to give you the best because we want the best, particularly, for our young people.”

Please help us be successful in rebuilding and mentoring our youth!


  1. Its good to see someone out there looking out for the young people to help them understand the process so that they can attain their goals and dreams also. Wish you the best.

  2. Thank you for your well wishes, we will continue to stay on course to develope and mentor our youth.